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Business Analysis  d

Few markets have grown as quickly or have caused as must disruption as cloud computing.

Change Management  e

Cloud implementation impacts the way an IT organization is being managed.

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Companies and government agencies will rely on the cloud for more than half of their IT services 

g  Agile Project Management

Agile and Cloud computing are how software applications are delivered today.

h  Business Alignement

Businesses ought to be more productive and cost effective by leveraging industry trends.

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Get an extra edge to proof of your skills -- cloud certification is a great option.

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    Welcome to (IT)end Inc; subsidiary of  Experts For Less.  Please feel free to contact us to initiate cloud consultations.


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Cloud Experts 

Knoblauch (2015) pointed out that when it comes to how trends like Big Data, mobility, cloud computing and social networking have impacted organizations, it’s clear that it has led to a large shift that has paved the way for a new market of startups who boldly embrace these trends and other organizations who are still struggling to keep up. But these trends have only started to pave the way for what we might see in the next 10 years, and the future is exciting.

Cloud technology demonstrates the core principles. Why pay a huge lump sum upfront for a bunch of hardware and software, that you then have to pay consultants another fortune to spend months installing and configuring it for you. Why not just rent what you need immediately, and pay only for what you use?

Google case study describes how organizations are utilizing the Google cloud platform to leverage Cloud Technologies.

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Knoblauch, A. (2015)


ITend Inc. is a group of talented, highly qualified professionals offer innovative and smart sourcing solutions for IT Project Management. ITend Inc. employs industry's best practices to achieve project completion on time and on budget. Businesses with no dedicated PMO may benefits from expertise of ITend professionals to roll out a new product from conception to successfully complete life cycle . Contact ITend to gain competitive edge, align strategic business objectives or increase productivity and profits by integrating Total Quality Management.
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